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HK Jordan 佐敦

Posted by on January 10, 2012

Jordan is actually more happening than Tsim Sha Tsui because personally I found the things to be cheaper compared to that of Tsim Sha Tsui. The food is more local too. You'll never go hungry here.

The 3 beds in the map indicate the 3 hotels I recommended in HK Hotels. As you can see, there are many other hotels here, but I have never lived in them before so I do not dare to recommend them. Shamrock, Nathan and Eaton hotel are quite popular with tourists. 

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1. Temple Street Night Bazzar: Jordan Exit A. Open in the evenings. Some tourists like to have dinner there.
2. Bowring Street Market: Jordan Exit C2. Open afternoon to evening.
3. Watsons: 2 levels. If you need to buy things.
4. Yue Hwa 裕華: Jordan Exit A. Sells things from China. It's similar to  the Yue Hwa found in Singapore.
5. Welcome supermarket: Jordan Exit D. If you need to buy things. It's similar to Shop 'n' Save in Singapore.

6. 常尝甜品: Jordan Exit A. 249 Temple Street.

For Summer: If you like cold desserts, you will love this shop. Faves are Lychee Pudding, Honeydew Ice on Honeydew (冰冰), actually any type of 冰冰 they have is nice, even the mango, lychee, watermelon and durian one. Their 冰冰 is like our ice kacang, but ours have lots of sugar. Theirs have the whole fruit thrown into the blender and blended and then served on half of the fruit as the bowl. HEAVENLY!!! This place is a MUST GO!  

For Winter: They sell hot desserts like those we have in Singapore. It's a place you can sit and relax and eat their warm desserts before going back to your hotel for the night. They open till late. 
Gossip: The whole place is PINK! and the owners are a pair of male couple! 🙂 

Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (Hor Fan) in Swiss Sauce



7. Tai Ping Koon Restaurant 太平馆: 19-21 Mau Lam St. Jordan Exit B2. Behind Novotel Hotel. Their Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (Hor Fan) in Swiss Sauce is lovely. Their Baked Crab Meat in Shell is also nice, but must wait longer for that dish. Their Ox tongue dish is also nice (taste like ham). This is also one restaurant where the waiters are all males, who all look above 50. It has other branches – 40 Granville Road (Tsim Sha Tsui MTR B2), 6 Pak Sha Road (Causeway Bay) and 60 Stanley Street (Central). 

8. Nathan Congee and Noodle: 11 Saigon St. Jordan Exit B1. Opposite Novotel Hotel. The 驰各及第粥 Ji Di Congee (mixed pork meat) and 生滚牛肉粥 Beef Congee is nice… the congee is smooth. If you dare, try their fish skins 爽脆鱼片. It's raw. However, if you are not good in reading chinese, you will have a problem reading the menu. The place is the old type of Hong Kong Eatery, where there are pieces of papers pasted on the walls and the menus are ALL in Chinese. Just go in and mutter "Ji Di Zhou" and you will get nice mixed pork congee. 

9. Prince 八王子 Ramen: Jordan Exit A. 127 Parkes Street. It's famous for its ramen with 温泉 (hot spring) egg. The egg is like half cooked to the right degree. 
10. 八方云集锅贴 Gyoza Shop: Jordan Exit A. 30A Jordan Road. The 锅贴 or 饺子 is really nice. And it's cheap. Even the curry flavour is quite ok… for a person like me who do not eat spicy things. 
11. Satay King Restaurant: Jordan Exit E. Basement 3 of the Prudential Hotel. White Curry Pork Chop Rice, Prawn Spring Roll, Vietnam Pork Roll, XO Sauce Carrot Cake, Cheese Baked Dumplings. I suggest to go for lunch instead of dinner. Some how their lunch taste better than dinner. Maybe their chef is tired in the evening? They have branches elsewhere too. Keep a lookout… 
12. 粗茶馆 Chinese Restaurant: Jordan Exit B1. 10 Jordan Road. It's famous for its 猪油饭. Sinful but nice. Their stir-fried beef is nice too. 
13. Spaghetti House: Jordan Exit C1. 221 Nathan Rd. In the building of Shamrock Hotel. It's like our Swensons or Jack's Place. I love the way the Onion rings come, stacked up. Its pasta and pizza are nice too. Their 1 portion of main course is very filling. Be warned. 




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