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Posted by on February 29, 2012

has been good. 

My January was spent doing… um… nothing. As in literally nothing. I'll wake up late, irritate my mother for being "present" in her line of sight, weekend go out with my friends who are not as free as me, read, type, typing random words into Google search… you get my point.  So doing nothing. 

My February was rather well spent. I have Nihongo lessons 2 times a week at Bunka Language School, in which I would have dinner somewhere in Orchard, and then go to Gravity Bar at Carlton Hotel to chill till 11pm, then take the bus home. The weekends are still spent out with friends. The other 3 days? I was busy researching and planning my itinenery for my upcoming trip to Japan. 1 month's work… 

First it was researching where I wanna go and what I wanna do. Finding out more about the places, the food, and most importantly, when sakura is gonna bloom! At first I wanted to leave Singapore at end of March, then after reading reports saying that this year it is expected to be late blooming, I decided to change it to 1 April. Then to decide where to fly to and from. At first I was considering flying to Tokyo with a return flight from Tokyo back to Singapore. Then one blog advised people that sometimes, it is just not worth it in terms of time to travel from Tokyo and back to Tokyo just to catch your flight back. So I checked out the prices and it is true! There isn't a difference between Singapore-Tokyo-Singapore and Singapore-?-Tokyo-Singapore flights! This opened up to many many choices. 

Then it was where exactly I wanna go. Somehow I wanted to go to Hiroshima. Don't ask me why. I have been to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto when I was in secondary school, and that was before I really liked all-things-Nihon. So all I remember of Tokyo was Disneyland and Mosburger. But this time I wanna go to Hiroshima and see what it is like in the quieter areas. Upon researching, then I realised that Hiroshima has Miyajima. That will be nice, giving my trip the cultural aspect of seeing the floating Torii. Of course there is the Atomic bomb portion of history. 

Then I wanna go Osaka again. I couldn't remember anything from Osaka from my youth. So I wanna explore it again. Kyoto would be nice since it is a cultural city. 

And finally Tokyo. I will most probably be able to see sakura at Tokyo at full bloom. (I hope! Pray hard!) I also wanna go to Harajuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya. There's so many of these places I wanna see…

So I had to book my air tickets. So spent about $700 to buy the air tickets. 

I'll need the Japan Rail Pass since I'm gonna be taking the Shinkansen. That's at least another $4xx. (Not fixed yet because I haven't buy. And it is in Yen, so every week will have a different rate. I'm waiting. )

And… my hiroshima nights will be in a hostel, my osaka nights will be in a small serviced apartment, and my tokyo nights will be with a married couple with an extra room (got the deal from Airbnb, trying for the 1st time). So for 13 nights total up to another $700. Not bad huh? With all different experiences some more. 

And the rest of my budget is for food, transport (other transport like metro and buses), admission fees and shopping. Hope it is enough. 

I plotted the places I wanna go on my google maps, and wrote it in detail (like take subway from this station to that station) into Tripit. Both are lovely programs provided free and have apps for my blackberry. I'll still have a backup hard copy printed in case M1 cheat me and charge me $72 for blackberry data roam with Softbank and doesn't work (I hope it will work.). All I'm doing now is waiting for the Yen to continue to fall (so that I can get more yen for the same amount of SGD), buy the Japan Rail Pass, change currency, pack my bags and I will be ready to go!

I can't wait for April to come! There's still March… I'll try to keep busy so that time flies… 

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