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March 2012

Posted by on March 10, 2012

or at least the beginning of March…

I have started the Nihongo Elementary 2 Lessons at Bunka Language School under a new teacher. My upcoming Japan Trip is right smack in the middle of the schedule, so I went to sign up for replacements, and I didn't want to put the lessons on hold. I want to continue learning to (hopefully) the end of Elementary 3 Lessons.

Plans for Japan Trip are being finalised, mapped (on Google Map) and documented (on Tripit).  I love these 2 websites/apps.

Google Map allows me to create maps, where I can put all the places I want to visit on 1 map (see examples in the maps attached to all my HK recommendations posts). I love the fact that I can view the street view of Japan (note: not all areas) to find the exact location of a food recommendation that I researched online. Sharing with friends is not difficult too. You just click the buttons to share with your friends, or create an URL like what I did. And they provide smartphone apps for download and you can access your own created maps using your gmail account so long as you have mobile data connection. The only problem is my Blackberry Google Map App do not function on Wifi. Well, I pray that M1-Softbank collaboration works and I can get mobile data connection via Softbank roaming.

The program Tripit was used by me to document my entire itinerary. The website is fantastic. It detects the confirmation emails that airlines send to you when you confirm a booking or paid. Then it creates the basic skeleton of your trip. You can add your plans, the time duration, the place, the transport tool, whether it has been paid, how much, all into the trip planner. If you buy their program, it even warns you when your air flight is cancelled and what alternatives there are. I love the "seat advice" portion of the flight details. It actually tells you which seat is good, average or not good, and the reasons, so that you can make an informed choice when checking in online and choosing seat. If you are travelling with someone, you can also share it with that person or even share with your family members to allow them to know where you are on your trip(s). And of course it has an app for smartphones. (Everything does, nowadays) And my Blackberry Tripit App does work when I only have Wifi. So I don't have to rely on mobile data connection with network. 

I hope April comes soon … 

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