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Balloons at Marina Square! (Testing out my Camera)

Posted by on March 13, 2012

I recently bought my own digital camera. My first self-owned camera Samsung MV800.  I used to always just borrow from my Dad, but his camera(s) do not allow self-portrait. And I am going Japan alone, so I need to take photos of myself, or no one will believed that I went there. So I was at Marina Square this afternoon enjoying my coffee at Starbucks, and decided to test out the panoramic function of the camera (as shown above)

I then saw a lot of people walk past Starbucks with balloons. So I went to see what's happening. And found this.  


It's still incomplete, so if any of you are going to Marina Square this weekend, go see the finished product! 

(Does anyone even read this blog… I wonder… )

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