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Hiroshima – Peace Park and A-dome

Posted by on April 28, 2012


Leaving the hostel, I walked towards Peace Park. After walking across this bridge, I came across the gate of Peace Park. 


The Peace Park is to be a memorial for the people who died due to the atomic bomb that was dropped above Hiroshima, during the end of World War II. Today, it is a park that people jog  at, along with their dogs. 



Shown above is the A-dome, one of the few buildings found still to  be standing after the atomic bomb was dropped. Previously, Japanese built their buildings with wood and paper, thus this more westernised structure was still standing till now. 

At one corner of the park, there are some sakura trees. When I went at the beginning of April (1st), the trees were only budding, not having any blossoms. 



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