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HK Hotels recommendations

Posted by on December 19, 2011

Prices of hotels can be checked through numerous websites, such as Zuji, or even the hotel's own website. 

The hotels listed below are accessible by a bus A21 from the airport. Please refer to my blog post of HK Convenient Bus to Kowloon Hotels

Number 1 to 3 recommended are found in Jordan, because Jordan area is not as crowded as Tsim Sha Tsui, thus is relatively cheaper compared to any hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui. Yet, Jordan is just 10 to 15 minutes walk away from either Tsim Sha Tsui or Yau Ma Tei, making it a convenient place to have a hotel room.


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Please note that all the suggested prices are correct at the time of blogging. All rates do NOT include breakfast. You are in Hong Kong, the food haven… go out and try the food!

I am also not saying that these hotels are fantastic. They are hotels I have stayed before, and I will only recommend hotels I have stayed before. Go find out from other people as well to increase the list of possibilities. 

1. Largos Hotel: This hotel is advertised as a french boutique hotel. But I gotta warn you. The rooms are quite small. A standard or even superior room is only 12m2. Just imagine a 4m by 3m room, INCLUDING the bathroom. The first time you go in, if you have never seen such a small hotel room before, yiu will be amazed by how they can fit everything into such a small room. Some of the rooms even have a bay window. It is right opposite the Temple Street Market Food Area. The most important thing is it is relatively cheap and convenient, as it is only like along Nanking Street, and is estimated 100m from Jordan MTR station Exit B2. Bus A21 Stop 10. Price: has a long staying package for four nights and above, at about S$125 per night. 

2. Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Kowloon: This hotel has more caucasians staying there due to Novotel being a more internationally recognizes chain of hotels. Its room is comfortable for 2 people to stay in, although their twin rooms are rather weird in that they still put the beds sid by side to make the space at the side wider to move about. The hotel lobby has 4 iMacs for their guests to use the internet 24h a day. (Teach you a trick: even if you don't stay with them, but near that hotel, stroll there when you want to use the internet, walk purposefully to one of the unused iMacs and sit down to use, and behave like you belong there. No one will actually question you unless you use for too long.) It is near Jordan MTR Exit B1 but you have to walk about 200m and then turn right to  walk another 50m or so. Bus A21 Stop 10. Price: about S$170 per night according to Zuji

3. Prudential Hotel: This hotel is directly above the Jordan MTR and is considered the most convenient out of all the hotels. Of course it is also the most expensive out of the 3. It has its own MTR Exit E from the Jordan station connected to the hotel's shopping gallery, and a supermarket next to it. It has the most spacious room out of the No. 1 to 3. Bowring Street Market is opposite it. The Bus A21 Stop 11 is right in front of it. Price: about S$230 per night.

4. The Cityview: This hotel is in between of Yau Ma Tei MTR Exit A2 or D. Bus A21 Stop 9 is the nearest to it.  The size of the room is slightly smaller than Novotel's and is quieter. Opposite the main road is Temple Street Night Bazaar. Price: S$180 per night (Zuji)

5. Metropark Hotel Mongkok: This hotel is 50m from Prince Edward MTR Exit C2 and is affordable if you don't mind that the place is quieter at night. It has many mainland China tourist living there, because the hotel is right next to the coach terminal where their coaches from China stop at. Bus A21 Stop 5. Price: about S$150 per night (Zuji)

Personally, if you are the type who is going to HK to shop and only to the hotel room to rest your feet for the night and to sleep, then Largos Hotel is more than enough for you. Fits your budget too, for hotels. 

NOW, for a recommendation that I have NOT tried… you can try out Airbnb. It's like for people who wants to try Bed and Breakfast. People in HK sometimes have an extra room, or even an extra couch. It's really cheap, like half of hotel rates, and some are actually nice hostels (note: I say NICE, based on the photos and reviews). There's one that do interest me, labelled as "Genuine Hong Kong Experience" and they seemed to have decorated their rooms very nicely. However, it means, no bathroom ensuite and some of these do not have lifts, so please READ the ads on that site carefully. 

LONG blog post… I'm done. (Off to drink water. I'm thirsty. =.=" )

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