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About Me

Arigatou for coming to this site! 

I'm a Singaporean girl. In this blog, I will be blogging about the places and things I see or do. I will most likely be blogging about the places I already went to, in detail as well. 

I'm a fan of travelling without tours, so that I do not need to wait for the other people in the same tour group and also can control my own timing. I love travelling alone for the freedom and the personal space I have during those lonesome days overseas.  I normally do plan out the trips beforehand, by printing out maps and instructions, and putting them in a notebook (so that I look less like a tourist holding a BIG map when looking for directions). 

I'm going to be rather candid, treating all of you who visit my blog as my good friends reading about my life, so feel free to give me constructive comments! The comments would further help anyone else who stumble into here to read more about the places I've been to too. 


If any of you reading the blog want to find me in Singapore, 

Facebook: Dayna Lee


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