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Sock Toys of Batch 4

Again, I needed to give something to someone, and I'm making toys again… So since my friend liked Pinkona, I've decided to make something similar, but with different material.  So…. (drum roll) these are the Konas! Pinkona is still mine. Don't they just look so happy??? (changes HP's wallpaper to this)  

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Xmas 2011

This year's xmas is special to me… it is another few more days to self-declared "freedom". 2 friends checked into Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport) for a staycation with me. It was just dinner and then relaxing in the room, while being able to see airplanes land/fly. And exchanging presents when it was Xmas… One … Continue reading »

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Sock Toys of Batch 3

I needed to give 2 more xmas gifts to friends.  We were gonna have a staycation on Xmas Eve at Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport). So I decided to make them similar sock toys, just different colors.  They are called the Butas coz the Japanese read "pig" as "buta". So these are the Butas!  Kawaii … Continue reading »

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Sock Toy of Batch 2

  Made an imaginary but cute-looking sock toy this afternoon. And named it Pinkona (because it looked like the black and white bubbly Mokona from xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicles)   Doesn't it just make you feel happy looking at it? Made from 1 pink sock           Kawaii…. I'm keeping Pinkona for … Continue reading »

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